Welcome to Qualintitative

No, Google, I did not mean “quantitative”!

Hello, this is my first post of this site.  I’ll update this site with news about my publications, presentations, new developments with EgoWeb, research methods trainings, and misc.  I’ll also mention interesting things I run across, mostly dealing with mixed-methods and social network research related to public policy.

I created this site with a ton of help of my wife, Marie R. Kennedy.

If you are wondering about the word “qualintitative”, it is a term I invented. I first used the term in print in an article published in the journal Field Methods:


I created the term in the early 2000’s soon after I finished graduate school at the University of Florida.  I was on the job market and was repeatedly telling people what type of researcher I was.  I was not satisfied constantly explaining that I used both kinds of research. I wanted a term that explained that I did not draw boundaries between the two and mixed them together as much as possible.  I got the idea to mix together the two words from watching the Mr. Show segment on Mayostard / Mustardayonnaise / Mustmayostardayonnaise.

Others who mixed qualitative and quantitative methods went with the term Mixed-methods research.  I guess history will have to determine which term is the accepted way of describing mixed qualitative and quantitative research.

Welcome to Qualintitative

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