EgoWeb is free and open source survey softare customized for social network data collection. I have been leading the development since 2010. You can find out a lot of information on EgoWeb at the Wikispaces page I created for EgoWeb including informatoin on how to access the software.

The software is a modificaiton of the software EgoNet but has now gone well beyond what EgoNet does. EgoWeb is available on the code sharing site Github.

Before I started working on EgoWeb I was a survey programmer for a market research company and a survey center at the University of Florida. Through this work, I was familiar with  programming survey instruments with standard survey software that allowed for customized presentation of question screens and flows of interviews with skip logic. When I started working in social networks as a methodologist on NIH funded reearch, I was not happy with available options for collecting social network data.  I found that I was changing our data collecition instruments to accomodate softare limitations.  On the other hand, when I tried to use survey software, I recognized the extreme labor involved in programming these instruments from scratch for each survey and in processing the data once it had been collected into network data for social network analysis.  EgoWeb has helped solve both of these issues for my work and I am happy that I can also help others with their social network data collection projects by making the softare available.

I’ll be posting in this site about updates to EgoWeb.  I will also post updates on my twitter account for EgoWeb content, @egoweb2_0, and on the EgoWeb Facebook page.