Broken google search links for “egoweb” — ignore and go to

There are some bloken links showing up at the top of google searches for “egoweb” but the content in these links were out of date. I moved all content about EgoWeb that was on a few different pages onto I redirected the one page I controlled ( to that page.  There are a few other links that I requested complete removal but can’t redirect.  These are pages that were on the domain  Removing the pages completely was the only solution I could come up with after having trouble keeping these pages updated.  I assume these pages will soon disappear from google searches and or the wikispaces links will move to the top.

Anyway, FYI.  Hopefully if anyone is confused about not finding pages at those links, they will go to the links further down the page.

Broken google search links for “egoweb” — ignore and go to
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