EgoWeb and Social Network Interventions

Two articles have come out recently describing our work using EgoWeb to deliver a social network intervention for Housing First residents in Los Angeles.  Both articles are published in Addiction Science & Clinical Practice (an open access journal).

Feasibility of a computer-assisted social network motivational interviewing intervention for substance use and HIV risk behaviors for housing first residents

A computer-assisted motivational social network intervention to reduce alcohol, drug and HIV risk behaviors among Housing First residents

We think that our approach is an innovative way to deliver a social network health intervention that goes beyond using social network analysis to monitor, evaluate, or design a more traditional social network intervention that aims to efficiently diffuse a health educational intervention throughout a network.  Our intervention is focused on changing social networks by enabling individuals to make changes in their networks through a combination of social network visualalizations and motivational interviewing.

We described this work in a poster at the Addiction Health Services Research Conference in 2015:

We will also be discussing our findings at the AHSR 2016 in Seattle, October 13-15. Our session is at 9:45 AM on Friday the 14th. The session is titled: “Using Innovative Technology to Increase Access to Alcohol Interventions for At Risk Groups”.  See the program draft here.


This work has been funded by NIDA and has been made possible by collaboations with Skid Row Housing Trust and the SRO Housing Corporation in Los Angeles.


EgoWeb and Social Network Interventions
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